My Experience Staying At The Concept Hotel Galleria Midobaru in Beppu (Part 2)

Galleria Midobaru, which just opened in December 2020, is a new type of concept hotel that combines contemporary art and architecture with Beppu’s beautiful natural environment. Following the first part of this article, I would like to share with you my experience of staying at the hotel. At six o’clock in the evening, when it was getting dark, I went

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Cafe Ca Sentbon: A Stylish Spot in the Oita Fragrance Museum

The Oita Fragrance Museum in Beppu is one of the few museums in the world that focuses on fragrance. It is a popular facility where you can try your hand at perfumery, and there is also a very stylish cafe on the ground floor. This time, I visited Cafe Ca Sentbon on the ground floor of the Oita Fragrance Museum.

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Okamotoya’s Excellent Hell-Steamed Pudding at Myoban Hot Spring in Beppu

When you think of Beppu’s specialties, what do you think of? Beppu has many delicious foods such as Beppu Cold Noodles and Toriten (chicken tempura), but the city is also famous for its pudding as a local sweet. Today, I will introduce you to one of the most popular puddings, Okamotoya’s Jigokumushi Pudding. Okamotoya’s Jigokumushi Pudding is a very popular

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Try Oita’s Famous Dango Soup at a Favorite Local Restaurant

Oita Prefecture is home to a variety of specialties such as chicken tempura, Beppu cold noodles, horse mackerel, mackerel, and Jigoku Mushi (hell-steamed food). Today, though, we will introduce Dango Soup, a dish favored by local people for generations. What is Dango Soup? Dango Soup is a typical Oita dish made of wheat dumplings kneaded and stretched into strips with

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Myoban Onsen, with its streets lined with traditional hot spring inns, offers scenic views reminiscent of Japan’s original landscape. Even though it is located in a mountainous area a little far from the center of Beppu, Myoban Onsen draws tourists from all over Japan and the world. Today, I would like to introduce you to the Jigoku-mushi onsen tamago (hot

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Jigoku-Mushi Pudding: Discover Beppu’s ‘Hell-Steamed’ Pudding

Beppu is famous for its ‘hell-steamed’ cuisine, cooked in the steam that rises from the area’s natural hot springs. Hell-steamed pudding is prime among these steamed delicacies. And when in Beppu, you must have a taste of this scrumptious, unique pudding. Hell-steamed pudding is said to originate in Beppu’s Myoban Onsen, but today, more than thirty variations of this delightful

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Delight in the Oita Prefecture’s Famous Soul Food ‘Toriten’

The Oita Prefecture is home to many delicious and unique gourmet foods such as Beppu cold noodles, dango-jiru soup, and yaseuma. One that stands out, however, is ‘toriten’ – possibly the most loved soul food of them all. A Delicacy Loved by Oita Citizens ‘Toriten’ means ‘chicken tempura,’ and this delicacy is much loved throughout the Oita Prefecture. To make

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Jigoku Mushi in Kannawa: Beppu’s Famous ‘Hell-Steamed’ Food

Jigoku Mushi cuisine, also known as ‘hell-steamed’ food, is one of Beppu’s most famous gourmet specialties. For visitors in this charming hot spring city, it cannot be missed. Allow us to introduce you to the Jigoku Steaming Workshop in Kannawa, a hands-on facility where this remarkable cuisine takes center stage. What is Jigoku Mushi? Jigoku Mushi refers to a special

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Premium Fish of Oita: The Delicious World of Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel

Blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, it’s no wonder that the Oita Prefecture is a treasure trove of delicious ingredients. Most notable among these are Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel. Caught in the Bungo Channel, this luxury brand fish from Beppu is renowned for its exquisite quality and flavour. About Seki Horse Mackerel and Seki Mackerel Seki Horse

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Beppu Reimen Restaurants: Where to Find the Best Cold Noodles in Beppu

Japan is world-famous for its hot noodle soups, but did you know cold noodles are also a popular delicacy? Also known as Beppu Reimen, cold noodles are considered a soul food of Beppu. For a splash of colour and a kick of flavour, kimchi is added to a rich, tasty soup with chewy noodles – and there it is, the

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